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16 Recipes for Warm Summer Nights


We don’t know about where you live, but here in Georgia, the summer weather in July can be down right sweltering!  The sun shines down and the humidity is simply off the charts.  It’s all you can do to try and stay cool, and air conditioning becomes your best friend.

In weather like this, the last thing we want to do is cook up a hot meal or eat anything hot at all.  For some reason, we just aren’t as hungry in this weather, and it seems the only food we can stand eating is something cool.  So, if you share these same feelings about eating hot food when it is too hot out to stand it, try one of these “cool” menus for those warm summer nights.

Breezy Brunch

Picnic Perfection

Cool and Full of Flavor

Takeout at Home

As important as air-conditioning in July, we just love ice cream or any frozen dessert.  So much so, that sometimes we may just skip a meal all together and have dessert for dinner.  Heck, in July we will try any recipe with the word ‘frozen’ in it!  So treat your family and cool off after dinner with one of Paula’s best frozen desserts!

Cool Desserts

Featured Recipes