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Paula Deen Club

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Email us at [email protected]

Paula Deen Retail & Orders

Email [email protected] or call 865-722-1176 for support with any items purchased in-store at Paula Deen Retail Store or online at with the exception of small appliances. For all small appliances purchased through these channels, please email Allied Rich or call 312-526-3760.

Please note that your store account is separate from your account.

JTV Orders

Email [email protected] or call 800-550-8393 for support on all items purchased through Jewelry Television.

ShopHQ Orders

Email ShopHQ or call 800-676-5523 for support on all items purchased through ShopHQ.

Paula Deen Appliances

Email Allied Rich or call 312-526-3760 for support on all Paula Deen appliances not purchased through ShopHQ.

Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine

Email us or call 1 (877) 933-5736

Please note that subscription issues, ie. address change, billing change or inquiries, etc., cannot be handled on this site.

Paula Deen Cookware

Meyer Corporation
Email us or call 1 (800) 214-8369 for Cookware Registration.

Paula Deen Furniture

Craftmaster Furniture
Contact Craftmaster here.

PR and Personal Appearances

For public relations inquiries, please contact:
Key Group Worldwide
Jaret Keller
1 (212) 988-7701
[email protected]

For appearance inquiries, please email us.

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