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Paula Deen Club

Having technical problems with this website? Have questions about your subscription?

Email us at [email protected].

Paula Deen Retail & Orders

Email [email protected] or call 865-722-1176 for support with any items purchased in-store at Paula Deen Retail Store or online at with the exception of cookware and small appliances. For all small appliances purchased through these channels, please email Allied Rich or call 312-526-3760. For cookware, please see the “Paula Deen Cookware” section.

Please note that your store account is separate from your account.

JTV Orders

Email [email protected] or call 800-550-8393 for support on all items purchased through Jewelry Television.

ShopHQ Orders

Email ShopHQ or call 800-676-5523 for support on all items purchased through ShopHQ.

Paula Deen Appliances

Email Allied Rich or call 312-526-3760 for support on all Paula Deen appliances not purchased through ShopHQ.

Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine

Email us or call 1 (877) 933-5736

Please note that subscription issues, ie. address change, billing change or inquiries, etc., cannot be handled on this site.

Paula Deen Cookware

We have two manufacturers for our cookware. Please try to determine which style you have. Each manufacturer holds the warranty on their own products produced.

For questions about the Riverbend speckled cookware, contact Meyer via email or by phone (888) 298-1071.

For questions about all other cookware, please email Allied Rich at [email protected].

Paula Deen Furniture

Craftmaster Furniture
Contact Craftmaster here.

Business Inquiries

For business inquiries, please email us here.

PR and Personal Appearances

For public relations inquiries, please contact:
Key Group Worldwide
Jaret Keller
1 (212) 988-7701
[email protected]

For appearance inquiries, please email us.

Website Personal Information Opt-Out

Please reach out via contact form