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Paula’s Spring Sweets Collection


Everyone’s got a little bit of a sweet tooth, especially this time of year! With the cooler weather behind us, it’s time to grab those picnic baskets and load up with a sweet treat to enjoy with your friends while you sit back and enjoy all of the budding flowers that are popping up. Who doesn’t love a thick slice of a pound cake, drizzled with strawberries? Or maybe you’ll have a nice, refreshing yogurt pop. Whatever your spring sweet of choice may be, here are some of my favorite recipes to get you started!

Yogurt Pops
A kid-friendly recipe that you can enjoy sitting on a porch swing, or even on the go.
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The Lady’s Peach Shortcake
You’ll want to serve these precious shortcakes at all of your spring brunches or just as a heavenly snack.
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Strawberry Banana Ice Pops
Another cool treat to brighten a fresh spring day.
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Sour Cream Pound Cake
This classic Southern sour cream pound cake recipe should be a staple in everyone’s kitchen.
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Southern Tea Cakes
Bring these tea cakes for an afternoon spent by the pool, or to a luncheon with your girlfriends.
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Orange Coffee Cake
The sunny flavors of this orange coffee cake will surely have you smiling!
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Paula-Colada Smoothie
Looking for a vacation in a cup? Take a big gulp of this smoothie, and you’ve found it! Made with fruit and honey, it’s a cinch to make as well.
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Old-Fashioned Cupcakes
Anytime is time for a cupcake! Paula’s friend Cheryl makes these old-fashioned cupcakes in her bakery in Savannah, and now you can make them too.
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Fresh Fruit Salad with Creamy Custard
You’ll enjoy savoring this light fruit salad recipe with a fresh creamy custard.
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Toffee Gooey Butter Cake
Paula’s classic gooey butter cake recipe with a sweet toffee twist!
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