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Southern Biscuit Recipes to Complete Any Meal


Bacon & eggs, vegetable beef soup, and country fried steak—you know what all these meals have in common? They’re all taken to the next level when paired with a delicious homemade biscuit. Biscuits are a staple in Southern kitchens—when you need to round out any menu, a biscuit will do the trick.

Biscuits are just so very versatile. They’re delicious when topped with something sweet, honey or jam, but they’re just as tasty when paired with a savory butter, like Paula’s Blue Cheese-Bacon Butter or Sage-Walnut Butter. They’re good on their own as a side dish or as the bread for a tasty biscuit sandwich. And we’ve seldom met a meal with which a biscuit didn’t pair perfectly.

From a classic buttermilk biscuit recipe to the cheese biscuits served at The Lady & Sons, there are so many wonderful Southern biscuit recipes to try. We’ve got 9 great biscuit recipes to make, and they’ll all complete any meal you’ve got. So which is first on your list? Let us know in the comments below!

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