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9 Southern Meatloaf Recipes


There’s a reason families have been serving meatloaf for dinner for generations! It’s quick, it’s cost effective, and, most importantly, it’s absolutely delicious! Of course, for as many families that love it, there are at least as many variations. Paula and the rest of the Deen family have always loved a good Southern meatloaf recipe, and they’ve got plenty of different recipes to show for it!

From Southern meatloaf recipes with ground beef to meatloaf recipes with ground turkey or cheese, you’ll find something for everyone. They’ve got you covered whether you prefer your meatloaf recipes with crackers or oatmeal, with ketchup or without ketchup. All you have to do is pick one of these nine incredible Southern meatloaf recipes and pair them with a potato dish and your favorite veggie side dish for a delicious family dinner.

Which of these recipes do you think your family would most like to try? Do you prefer something on the more traditional side or do you like to step outside the box? Let us know in the comments below—we can’t wait to hear what you love in your meatloaf!

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