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8 Fantastic Potato Salad Recipes


A potato is the blank canvas of the kitchen; be it cheesy, creamy, scalloped, or fried- potatoes can take any meal from dud to spud-tastic in a flash!

The easiest, and most convenient ways to use a leftover potato is in a salad. Have roasted potatoes from the night before? Throw ‘em in a bowl with a binder, like Paula’s favorite creamy mayonnaise and spicy Dijon mustard, and combine with just about any other ingredient in your kitchen – with the exception of your kitchen sink, of course.

Onions, celery, boiled eggs, bacon, pepper and fresh from the garden herbs all make great additives for potato salad. Because they’re so simple to make, and easy to transport, potato salads make for the perfect picnic, family reunion, or even a cost-effective side dish to your office lunch.

The next time you find yourself with a pile of potatoes and no inspiration, why not try your hand at one of these time saving, flavor-packed salads!

8 Fantastic Potato Salad Recipes

Take Away Tip: When boiling your potatoes, make sure they are in uniform sizes for more consistent cooking.

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