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Top 10 Recipes of 2019


2019 was a big year for Paula— she opened two more Paula Deen’s Family Kitchens restaurants and released her latest cookbook, Paula Deen’s Southern Baking—her very first baking cookbook. As has become a tradition here at, we’re celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of yet another with a look back at the 10 recipes you all loved most this year.

Is your favorite Paula Deen recipe in the top 10? Let us know in the comments below!

10. Broccoli Casserole This weeknight staple may have dropped a spot this year, but it still reigns supreme as one of the most popular recipes on It’s a sneaky and delicious way to sneak in some green veggies—even if they are covered in cream of mushroom, cheese, and crackers. Ok, now we’re officially hungry.

2018 ranking: 9

9. Chicken & Dumplings A classic comfort food if ever there was one, Paula’s Chicken & Dumplings has overtaken broccoli casserole to claim the number nine spot on our list of the year’s most popular recipes.

2018 ranking: 10

8. Green Bean Casserole This side dish is a must-have around the holidays, but its popularity proves that it’s not just for those special occasion meals.

2018 ranking: 6

7. Southern Cornbread Stuffing It looks like we’re not the only ones who love stuffing and dressing for more than Thanksgiving! Of course, put cornbread in just about anything, and we’re sure to love it. Somehow, this recipe is even more popular than last year.

2018 ranking: 8

6. Sweet Potato BakeThere are few ways to eat sweet potatoes that we love more than enjoying them in this rich and delicious Sweet Potato Bake, and since it’s the sixth most popular recipe on the site, it looks like you agree!

2018 ranking: 5

5. Peach Cobbler Talk about a comeback! After ranking number 8 in 2017, Paula’s incredible Peach Cobbler recipe fell off the list in 2018. But it looks like you all were hungry for more, so it’s back with a vengeance in the number five spot!

2018 ranking: N/A

4. Original Gooey Butter CakeOoey, gooey, and so delicious, it’s no surprise that this melt-in-your mouth is one of Paula’s most popular recipes. And while she has a ton of variations, like pumpkin, toffee, and lemon lavender, there’s just nothing like the original.

2018 ranking: 3

3. BiscuitsEveryone loves a biscuit! They’re delicious smothered in butter and topped with honey or jam, and they are perfectly flaky. This classic Paula recipe may have dropped down in the rankings in 2019, but we think it had a pretty good run as the #1 recipe for four years straight.

2018 ranking: 1

2. Old-Fashioned Meatloaf, AKA Basic MeatloafOld-fashioned, basic—otherwise known as classic! This Old-Fashioned Meatloaf has stood the test of time, and it’s getting even more popular, up two spots from last year’s ranking. This timeless family dinner is the second most popular recipe of 2019 on and for good reason!

2018 ranking: 4

1. Not Yo’ Mama’s Banana PuddingUnseating the previous #1 recipe is a non-traditional banana pudding that’s a favorite for holidays, potlucks, cookouts, and more. There’s a new champ in town, and it looks like what they say is true—victory really is sweet.

2018 ranking: 2

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