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Turkey Day for Two


Thanksgiving is a time to be spent with family. Sometimes that means grandparents, parents, kids, cousins, aunts, uncles, and your quirky next-door neighbor and other times that means just you and your partner or sibling or close friend. Most everyone seems to talk about the former (us included!), but we didn’t want to let the holiday pass without also sharing some tips for celebrating Thanksgiving in a more intimate fashion. After all, all the talks of big holiday gatherings can make those of us with smaller circles feel a bit lonely at times. Today, we’re sharing recipes and tips for a Thanksgiving dinner for two.

First of all, we believe that a little ambiance can go a long way. Instead of decorating your whole dining table, try dressing up just a little corner. Or if you have a smaller table somewhere, convert it to a makeshift mini dining table! Then, all you need is one pretty centerpiece and a couple of taper candles for a beautiful table. We also like to pull out our fancy cloth napkins to add a little extra elegance to the table setting.

Now when it comes to Thanksgiving menus, it’s easy to go overboard, but we recommend narrowing it down to the must-haves! You don’t need 15 casseroles—we promise!

While you can always roast a small whole turkey, consider instead serving turkey breasts, shanks, or even a turkey pot pie! That way you can cook only what you’ll eat, so you don’t have to experience turkey-induced drowsiness for the next 2 weeks. Then, when it comes to sides, we recommend a starch or two, like dressing and a potato dish; a vegetable casserole of your choosing; cranberry sauce; gravy; and a dessert. Now you’ve rounded all the Turkey Day food bases!

Of course, you probably don’t need to make 5 pounds of potatoes or enough casserole for 10 people, so before you go, be sure to read this helpful blog with tips for adapting recipes for two people!

Will you be celebrating with a crowd or just one companion? We’d love to hear! Let us know in the comments below. Happy Turkey Day! Gobble, gobble!

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