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Lighten Up: Meatloaf Edition


Everyone loves to indulge in their favorite comfort foods (including Paula), but to stay healthy and feeling good, sometimes you have to lighten up! Making healthful changes in your cooking and eating can add up to big results, and allow you to splurge from time to time on the guilty pleasures you crave.

Here’s Paula’s classic Cheeseburger Meatloaf, and Bobby’s lighter, turkey version. Both taste great, but Bobby’s has 290 fewer calories and 21 grams less fat!


And you can’t have meatloaf without mashed potatoes! Paula’s recipe is buttery, creamy and garlicky, and pairs perfectly with meatloaf. The Deen Brothers version, meanwhile, has less than half the butter per serving and no sour cream, but still has lots of garlic flavor (note that the amount of servings per recipe is different).


Time for dessert? Paula is known far and wide for her Never-Fail Pound Cake. It’s easy to make and very easy to eat, and goes great with whipped cream and berries. However, it isn’t what we’d call “light,” and after all that cheeseburger meatloaf, you might be in the mood for something lighter. Luckily, the Deen Brothers developed a version with 150 fewer calories and 7 grams less fat per serving!


What kind of changes do you make to “lighten up” your cooking?


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