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Meal of the Week: Winter Warm-Up


There are a lot of nice things to say about winter. It’s the season with some of the best holidays in or around it. Families come together, and the young ones get time off from school. The snow sure can look pretty, especially when it covers everything in a clean, white, sparkling blanket of … freezing … cold … OK, it’s cold! So cold.

Paula Deen to the rescue! We’ve pulled together some of her most comforting recipes that will heat up the house as they cook and warm you up when you eat ‘em.

Everyone looks for something different in a warm drink, so we present three for your approval: Orange Spiced Chai, Spiced Lemon Apple Cider and Hot Cranberry Cider. Each is nicely spiced, which adds to the warmth of the drink itself, as does the optional brandy, rum or bourbon suggested in the Hot Cranberry Cider recipe.

Soup is a wonderful way to heat up your kitchen and your tummy, and the flavors of Paula’s Simple Southern Ham and Bean Soup complement a pair of richly comforting main course casseroles: the Ham and Collards Savory Casserole entree and the Zucchini and Corn Casserole side.

Casseroles are warm and wonderful, but also filling, so for dessert, consider another hot drink: the Hot Mocha Float combines coffee, chocolate and ice cream for a warm treat with a hint of cool ice cream, which will melt away, just like all your cares as you slip into a well-deserved long winter’s nap.

Watch the casseroles take shape:

Ham and Collards Savory Casserole

Zucchini and Corn Casserole

What food or drink warms you up in the cold of winter?