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Easy Thanksgiving Recipes


Thanksgiving dinner is nearly here, and with it tends to come an abundance of stress, particularly if you’re the host of what is typically the biggest feast of the year. Cleaning, planning the menu, grocery shopping, setting the table—it all feels like a lot, and we haven’t even gotten started on cooking those wonderful Thanksgiving dishes! While there tends to be a lot of pressure on the meal, we’ve found that some of the very best recipes are the simplest ones, so we decided to pull together some easy Thanksgiving recipes that will keep everyone full and happy, including you, our favorite hostess with the mostest!

Over-complicated dishes are also overrated. Now, really, doesn’t an easy Thanksgiving dinner sound like a refreshing change of pace? With Paula’s timeless and easy Thanksgiving dishes, you’ll achieve the same wonderful turkey-and-stuffing-induced food coma with a fraction of the work. We’re talking roasted turkey, squash casserole, cornbread dressing, and pumpkin pie—all the fixin’s!

Plus, every host & hostess knows that your guests will always pepper you with questions on what they can bring. This list is a great place to start, as they’re all easy asks of your guests. These easy Thanksgiving dinner recipes are time-tested, so they’re sure to turn out, even if it’s a beginner cook or baker who will be bringing it.

Go ahead, cut yourself some slack, and make life a little easier with these easy Thanksgiving recipes. Do you have an easy Thanksgiving dishes you like to make? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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