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Pork and Rice Recipes


Pork and rice recipes are embraced around the world for good reason—they’re absolutely delicious! And here in the South, it’s no different. Since rice is a staple down South, we have a plethora of wonderful pork and rice recipes up our sleeves, along with a million reasons why we love them.

First of all, chicken tends to get a lot of credit for being the inexpensive meat option, but pork is often even more economical than chicken! We’re always game for a cheap and easy dinner—aren’t you?

Plus, each cut of pork is so very different. From a pork tenderloin to a pork shoulder and ground pork sausage to a pork chop, it’s incredible how vastly different they taste.

And as we mentioned earlier, pork and rice recipes are found the world over, which means it’s a versatile combo, and a universally tasty one at that. It works in every type of cuisine from Japanese to Mexican and everything in between. Truly, could we love pork and rice recipes any more than we do? We don’t think so!

From a fabulous dirty rice recipe to a wonderful pork and rice casserole recipe, your family is sure to love these pork and rice recipes as much as our families do. What’s your favorite pork and rice recipe? Will you be making any of the pork and rice recipes we shared below? Let us know in the comments, friends!

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