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Mini Muffalettas and Olive Salad

By Suzette and Amy, The Sweet and Savory Sisters


Difficulty: Easy

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

Servings: 10


  • 1 loaf (or Jewish rye) pumpernickel bread
  • 4 tablespoons softened butter
  • 1 lb thinly sliced genoa salami
  • 1 lb thinly sliced deli ham
  • 1 lb thinly sliced pepperoni
  • 3/4 lb thinly sliced provolone
  • 3/4 lb thinly sliced mozzarella
  • 3 large cloves crushed garlic
  • 1 cup chopped green olives stuffed with pimento
  • 1 cup (or ripe black olives) pitted and chopped kalamata olives
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped celery
  • 1/2 cup chopped roasted red peppers
  • 3/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
  • 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning


In a medium-sized bowl, mix garlic, olives, celery, parsley, roasted red peppers, olive oil, white wine vinegar and Italian seasoning.

Cut each slice of bread into 4 equal pieces. Cut meat into similarly sized squares.

Spread a thin layer of butter on each slice of bread. Layer meats and cheese onto each slice, starting with salami, then provolone, ham, mozzarella and finally, pepperoni. Top each square with a spoonful of olive salad.