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Paula’s Father’s Day Menu


Dad is in for a treat this Father’s Day! Make him a special dinner that will have him full of love and beaming with pride—and no tacky tie required! Everyone knows the best way to a man’s heart is with a delicious hearty homemade meal.  So set up the picnic table, start up the grill and let Dad enjoy the great outdoors and this fantastic dinner.

Peel and eat shrimp are a great way to start things off right.  All you need is some shrimp, seasoning a lemon and a big pot of boiling water and they are done.  They can even be made a couple of hours ahead of time and stored in the fridge.  Serve them up with some delicious homemade cocktail sauce and keep dad busy while you cook the rest of the meal.

Nothing will satisfy dad’s hunger and fill up his belly better than a big plate of delicious grilled pork chops. My stuffed pork chops with grits is the perfect combination to wow dad.  Stuffing the pork chops with sausage puts them over the top with a real kick of delicious flavor.

To lighten things up a bit and add a healthy component to this big meal, whip up a batch of my broccoli and red cabbage slaw.  Sweet dried cranberries and salty sunflower seeds are added to this salad for an extra crunch and bite of sweetness.  The broccoli tastes delicious and adds more nutrients.  This is another dish that can be made ahead, leaving more time to spend with dad.  Stir up a pitcher of strawberry basil lemonade for him to wash it all down with.  Sweet fresh strawberries counteract the sour lemons in this delicious drink.  Basil adds a unique flavor and burst of freshness.  This is a fantastic beverage for a warm summer day.

Peach tart is the ideal dessert to finish off this meal.  Peaches are just in season in June, and nothing is better than a sweet and juicy fresh peach.  This tart is simple to make and looks so beautiful, top it off with some homemade whip cream or vanilla ice cream.

Really make Dad feel special this father’s day with a wonderful homemade meal.  These recipes are simple to make and huge in flavor.  A gift that Dad will be sure to remember.