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National Noodle Month


Did someone say cozy? Oh, that must have been the same person that told us that March is National Noodle Month! While we love a good food holiday, we really love that the celebration of the comfiest form of comfort foods lasts not just a day, but a whole delicious month.

Noodles can take many forms—from our Italian favorites, like lasagna and spaghetti, to flavorful Pad Thai, cozy chicken noodle soups, or, our personal preference, creamy and delicious mac & cheese. However you like your noodles, now is the perfect time to enjoy them! After all—their celebration is officially etched onto our calendars!

We hope you’ll share your go-to noodle recipes with us to help extend our celebration. Just let us know your favorite noodle dish in the comments below! And if you’ll be trying any of the nine Paula Deen noodle recipes we’ve gathered, be sure to let us know too!

Now, don’t mind us—we’re busy noodling around some ideas we have for more delicious noodle dishes. Happy National Noodle Month!

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