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Lovin’ a Lattice Crust

Tags: baking, classics

It’s pie season, y’all, and there is nothing like a homemade pie with a sweet lattice crust. And we’ll let you in on a little secret; it’s way easier than it looks!

Follow our step-by-step how-to and you’ll be making your own pretty pie in no time.

Step 1: Use a ruler and a pizza cutter to make straight and even strips of dough.

Step 2: Lay dough strips evenly across the top of your filled pie.

Step 3: Fold back every other strip back onto itself.

Step 4: Lay one strip of dough perpendicularly across the other strips.

Step 5: Unfold the strips that were folded back over the perpendicular strip.

Step 6: Now fold back the strips that are under the perpendicular strip (they are also the strips that you did not fold back last time). Lay another strip of dough parallel to the perpendicular strip.

Step 7: Repeat this weaving technique until the whole pie is covered with the lattice crust.

Step 8: Trim the edges of the crust and the strips.

Step 9: Fold the crust over and crimp the edges. Brush with an egg wash, and sprinkle with a little sugar. Now all that’s left to do is bake and enjoy!

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