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Easy Breakfast Casserole Recipes


Breakfast—it’s the most important meal of the day! A hearty breakfast can set you on your way to a productive day, but cooking up a hearty meal first thing in the morning can often feel like a burden when you could hit that snooze button another time or two (or three!). When we know our families need proper fuel in the morning, we like to make an easy breakfast casserole recipe the night before and then bake them off in the morning. These easy breakfast casserole recipes give us a chance to feed our loved ones something delicious in the morning while giving us some extra time to catch some shut eye or, and this is usually the case, wrangle the kids, their stray homework assignments, and their backpacks before school starts.

What really makes a breakfast casserole easy is that children who love to help out in the kitchen can get involved. Whether it’s sprinkling in cheese, pouring in milk, tearing up bread, or measuring seasonings, it sure does help to have a few extra hands in the kitchen. Not only is it a great way to teach an important life skill, like cooking, but it also gets them excited to eat it. If your kids are anything like ours, they’ll get up a lot easier in the morning if they have something to look forward to, and sampling their own handiwork is truly something to look forward to!

Whether your family prefers a classic ham and egg breakfast casserole, a breakfast casserole with hash browns, an oatmeal breakfast bake, or something sweet, like Paula’s wonderful French toast breakfast casserole, Paula has a hearty and delicious easy breakfast casserole recipe for you.

What kind of breakfast does your family prefer—sweet or savory? Let us know in the comments below!

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