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A Haunted Halloween Feast


Costume parties are always a blast, but if you’re looking for something a little calmer, consider hosting a spooky dinner party! With our menu planner and the right decorations, your guests will be screaming with delight—and probably fright!

Select one or two items from each category for a wicked haunted Halloween feast!


Appetizers set the expectations for the rest of the meal, so keep your guests excited and wanting more with these scary good starters:


Now, we never sacrifice flavor in the name of fright! So we’ve got some yummy recipes that can double as something a bit darker. Is that ketchup on that meatloaf or… blood?! Are those ribs pork or person? *gasp!* Hint: It’s ketchup. And they are definitely pork!

Side Dishes

Everyone knows that the sides make the meal, and these side dishes are AHHH-mazing:


No feast is complete without something to wash everything down with! These Halloween cocktails are fun, festive, and delicious:


Any dinner party, haunted or not, that doesn’t end with dessert isn’t any dinner party we want to attend! Here are a few of our favorite spooky sweets that are simply to die for:

How are you planning on celebrating Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Recipes