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12 Southern Casserole Recipes


When you’re looking for Southern recipes, Paula is likely one of the first people you go to. Her fried chicken is world-famous, her macaroni & cheese decadent, and her banana pudding unforgettable. So when you’re looking for a classic Southern casserole recipe, wouldn’t you go to her too? We know we would!

We love casseroles because they’re easy to throw together and they can range from entrées to sides and to all-in-one meals. Plus, they’re versatile—there are a million casserole ideas out there for chicken alone, though we’re partial to Paula’s Chicken and Rice Casserole, of course.

Whether you’re looking for a classic casserole like a southern Green Bean Casserole, an oh-so-southern option like a Ham and Collards Savory Casserole, and a twist on a classic dish like the Kentucky Hot Brown Casserole, you’re sure to find it right here. Happy eating!

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