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12 Ground Beef Soup Recipes


Ground beef works in so many dishes, from tacos and pizza to casseroles and sloppy joes, but today, we’re all about sharing delicious (and deliciously easy) ground beef soup recipes. After all, there’s never a bad time of year to enjoy soups, especially when those soups include one of our year-round kitchen staples.

Whether it’s a broth-based soup or a heartier chili, ground beef is a perfect addition. Today we’re sharing everything from a traditional vegetable soup recipe and a pasta-filled Tastes Like Lasagna Soup recipe to a Chocolate Chili—yes, you read that correctly! Chocolate. Chili. These ground beef soup recipes are out-of-this-world, y’all! The ground beef adds a bit of heartiness to these soups, as well as some extra protein and texture.

So if you, too, love some ground beef soups, then buckle up, y’all, because things are about to get real tasty!

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