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Sweet Spuds


Sweet potatoes are a fall staple—they may be available year-round, but they grow best in the cooler climate. They always have a home on our table—especially on Thanksgiving! They’re yummy as a side or in dessert. They’re tasty when prepared sweet or savory. This versatile, comforting, pretty root vegetable is just hard to beat.

As a matter of fact, one of the most popular recipes here at is actually a sweet potato recipe—the eternally famous, always delicious Sweet Potato Bake. I think all of us on the Deen Team have this delectable dish on our tables on Thanksgiving, and our families can never get enough. We’ve taken to double and tripling the recipe most years!

Whether you’re looking for the Sweet Potato Bake, a Sweet Potato Cake, some Mashed Sweet Potatoes, or just about any other way to make them, Paula and her Deen Team has you covered! Check out some of our favorite ways to prepare those sweet spuds this time of year below, and let us know which of them you’ll be trying!

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