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Healthy Chicken Recipes


While we love a good down-home Southern recipe, we also try to keep an eye on what we’re eating to ensure our diets are balanced and overall healthy. When it comes to eating lighter, we love healthy chicken recipes because they go over well with everyone in the family and are generally pretty easy to prepare.

Chicken is, naturally, a healthy option in the kitchen as it is a lean protein source, meaning it’s not an overly fatty protein option. Living in the South, we tend to get a reputation for enjoying our chicken prepared one way—with a Southern Fried Chicken recipe—and that’s far from the truth! Like everywhere else, chicken is a staple in our kitchens because it’s very versatile, so our recipe box has no shortage of healthy Southern chicken recipes, including some heart-healthy chicken recipes, like this Grilled Chicken with Rhubarb Salsa.

Just take a peek at our collection of recipes below for a taste of the wonderful healthy chicken dinner recipes the Deen Family has to offer! Do you have some great easy healthy chicken recipes to share with us, too? We’d love to hear ‘em! Leave them in the comments below. Happy (healthy) eating!

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