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9 Chili Recipes for National Chili Day


We love chili recipes during the chilly winter months, and we truly don’t tire of them. That’s because there are so many different ways to prepare it. From healthy chili recipes and veggie chili to chili without beef or without beans, there are tons of chili recipes out there. Whether you enjoy them on National Chili Day, which falls on the fourth Thursday of February each year, or any other day, these mouth-watering recipes are awesome year-round!

Today we’re sharing 9 of our very favorite chili recipes, including chili with chocolate for added richness, super spicy Five Alarm Chili served in a delicious and adorable Biscuit Bowl, and a chili with a taco twist!

Now, every family is different. While the Deens tend to prefer both beans and beef in their chili recipes, yours may be different! Let us know how you like your chili in the comments section below.

Happy eating, and happy National Chili Day!

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