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Watch 3 For Free!


Catch up on your favorite Paula Deen shows!


Starting this weekend, everyone will be able to view three premium videos from the Paula Deen network FREE! No credit card. No account. No subscription. As sweet and simple as Strawberry Shortcake. Just good ol’ Deen family times right in the comfort of your own home.

Y’all can watch a few episodes of your favorite vintage Paula’s Home Cooking or check out some good old Deen family shenanigans in any of their game shows. We’ve also got some of Paula’s friends here on the network. We can’t even tell you where to start because we love them all!

So head on over to the lifestyle, vintage, friends, or cooking show sections of the network and browse what the network has for you. We’ll remind you after you’ve watched two videos, so choose wisely.

Like what you see? Don’t forget your can subscribe to the network for only 99 cents for the first month and only $9.99 a month after that. This gives you access to all of Paula’s premium content whenever you’d like. You can learn all about or subscription plans here.


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