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The Cherry on Top


We love desserts; we really do. Sure, we only eat them in moderation, but you’ll never find us cutting them out altogether! After all, why shouldn’t we enjoy the sweeter things in life?

One ingredient we love in our sweets? Cherries! They’re sweet, they’re tart, and they are oh-so-versatile! They’re perfect in ice creams, pies, and puddings. If you ask us, we should be using them a whole lot more often!

Speaking of cherries—if you find yourself without a cherry pitter, did you know you can pit a fresh cherry using only a paperclip? First, bend the inside ring of the paperclip away from the outside ring of the paperclip so that the paperclip forms kind of an “S.” Remove the stem, and stick the curved end of the paperclip into the part of the cherry where the stem was. Use the hook to scoop the pit out!

We promise—these desserts are the cherry on top of any meal! What’s your favorite cherry sweet treat? Let us know in the comments section below.

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