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Sweet Springy Treats


If you’re looking to shake off any residual winter blues, we’ve got just what you need to put a spring in your step! We’re talking about desserts, of course! There are few things a spring sweet can’t help. Feeling stressed? Nursing a heartache? Had a long day? Try something to make your sweet tooth happy!

In the springtime, we love fruity flavors, like peach, lemon, strawberry, and grapefruit, just to name a few. There’s always a lightness to them. Don’t get us wrong, you can’t go wrong with chocolate or caramel, but the bright colors and fresh taste of fruity desserts pairs perfectly with the season. Whether you like a key lime pie, a peach tart, lemon-coconut macaroons, or any of the other delicious recipes below, we’ve got a whole lot of reasons to smile.

Featured Recipes