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Sweet Spring Pie Recipes


Picnics, potlucks, parties—with the warmer weather comes plenty of opportunities to eat and hang out with our family and friends. And every sweet opportunity to spend time with our loved ones deserves a sweet ending, don’t you think? When we think about spring dessert recipes, one type of dessert immediately comes to mind—pie!

There are so many ways to use spring’s best flavors in pies, from coconut and chocolate to berries and citrus fruits. Pies can also be incredibly easy to make! While a homemade pie crust is always a treat, it can also be a labor of love! Pre-made pie crusts can be found at any grocery store, and they significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to put together one of our favorite sweet treats.

Whether you prefer a store-bought crust or a homemade one, a cookie crust or a classic pastry crust, we’ve got some fabulous spring pie recipes for you to try out below.

What’s your favorite pie recipe? Let us know in the comments, won’t you?

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