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St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah


When people think of Savannah, they often think of sweet tea and Southern charm. They don’t typically think of the luck of the Irish. But did you know that Savannah is home to one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country? It’s second only to New York City’s parade! Not too shabby for a small Georgia city.

If you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, try coming a week early next year—that’s when the festivities start! The Greening of the Fountains is one of our favorite events. All the fountains in Savannah’s iconic squares, and maybe the most notable tourist attraction in Savannah—the Forsyth Fountain—have green water flowing through them.

You can also attend special events, like the Celtic Cross Mass & Reception, Tybee Island Parade, Irish Heritage Dance, and Tara Feis, which is a family-friendly festival with live performances by Irish dancers and musicians, arts and crafts, Irish food, and games for all ages.

Of course, the culmination of it all is the parade. Held rain or shine, Savannah’s residents and tourists, alike, take their celebrations very seriously! Many set up in squares before the sun even rises to ensure they have the very best spot along the parade route, but it’s worth it! The parade can last for hours with marching bands, bagpipes, dancers, members of the armed forces, parade committee members, schools, and many more. Whether or not you have Irish heritage, join us here in Savannah for one of the greatest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around.

If you’re planning ahead and want to book a place to stay for next year’s celebration, stay at Paula’s! Paula Deen’s Y’all Come Inn on Tybee Island is the perfect home away from home. Plus, The Lady & Sons is open on St. Patrick’s Day, so you can make a reservation and skip packing lunch in a cooler.


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