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Spooky Snacks


We’re not sure where the year has gone, but we’re squarely (or should we say “scare-ly”?) into the Halloween season. It’s one of Paula’s favorite holidays of the year, so it’s no surprise that she has a scary amount of spooky snacks in her repertoire.

This year at your Halloween party, offer the ghouls and boys something that will fill them with equal parts fright and delight! They will love how fun these treats are to eat, and you’ll love that they’re not very tricky to make. Seriously—you can put away the cauldron and spell book, because these recipes don’t require any hocus pocus, y’all. They’re as spine-chillingly simple as they are wickedly good. Now go on, and enjoy these devilishly delicious snacks—because they’re a real scream.


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