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Plant Based Dinner Recipes


These plant based dinner recipes are good for you and taste great, y’all! Plant-based is a trendy buzzword in the health community and for good reason! Having a plant based diet means that all or most of your diet comes from fruit and vegetables, not animal-derived sources, leading to a lower fat, higher fiber diet that also has positive environmental effects.

If you’re considering moving towards a plant based diet or even just reducing your intake of meat and seafoods, these plant based dinner recipes may provide a little inspiration to your meal planning.

While salads are naturally great options as plant based dinner recipes, there are also great plant based soup recipes and plant based side dishes on our list that elevate any meal. From veggie chili to hearty couscous recipes, these plant based recipes are as healthy as they are filling and delicious!

Will you be making any of these plant based dinner recipes? Have you already switched to a plant based diet? We’d love to hear from you!

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