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Pizza Party


Is there anyone that doesn’t love a pizza? Bread, cheese, sauce, any topping your heart could dream of—there’s just no way to go wrong with pizza! It’s a delicious, easy dinner to call in and an easy and fun meal to make at home!

Since it can be so fun expressing our culinary creativity, we thought we’d throw a pizza party—but not one with takeout. Why not make a pizza party where the party is in making it instead of just eating it? It’s so simple. Just make a bunch of homemade pizza dough in advance (or get some pre-made dough or crusts from the store—we won’t tell!) and set up a sauce station. Think olive oil, pizza sauces, teriyaki sauce—let your imagination run wild! Lastly, stock up on ingredients for a topping bar—any fruits, veggies, cheeses, meats, herbs, or spices that you can think of.

Let your guests make their own individual pizzas or have it be a group effort to make a few larger pizzas. Either way, it’s a ton of fun. Bonus: roll any leftover pizza dough into breadsticks, brush them with butter, sprinkle them with Parmesan and garlic powder, and bake them off. Homemade breadsticks for your pizza couldn’t be easier! You can even make delicious dessert pizzas to end the evening with a sweet pizza surprise.

There’s just something about making your own pizza that makes it so much tastier! Get out there and be creative. If you need a little inspiration, Paula has some great pizza recipes to help get this party started. Enjoy!

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