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Paula’s Perfect Plate: Welcome, Spring!


One of the traditions (and privileges) of growing up in the South is the indescribable relationship we Southerner’s have with our food; we hanker, we heap, and we “hmmm” with every last bite. Another Southern tradition we celebrate is the birth of spring and all the variety and flavor it has to offer.  One of the first – and most treasured – delicacies of spring is fresh asparagus.

Spring is the theme for today’s Paula’s Perfect Plate

In Paula’s latest cookbook, Paula Deen Cuts the Fat, there is a delicious Asparagus Quiche recipe. The crust-less quiche delicately blends Swiss cheese, shallots, fresh asparagus, egg whites, and fresh tarragon for an enormously decadent breakfast quiche. This recipe is made healthier by gently modifying a few base ingredients, yet the flavor is enhanced tremendously with the addition of tarragon and shallots that are used to compliment the asparagus.  With a healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, this dish will keep you satisfied well into your morning.

Spring wakes up my taste for fresh fruit. The first snack in this Paula’s Perfect Plate Menu is my recipe for Mango Slices with Lime Juice and Chili Powder. This unique blend of flavors is perfect for a mid-morning pick-me-up.

Now is the perfect time to eat up all of the leftover frozen vegetables from the fall, and what better way to do so than to prepare Paula’s Beef and Vegetable Barley Soup for lunch. This heart-healthy recipe will take the spring chill out of the air and keep you full and satisfied all day long.

Paula’s Perfect Plate is designed to keep your nutrition in balance while enjoying plentiful amounts of food in a wide variety of flavors. Your afternoon snack is the perfect way to begin winding down the day. Boiled Shrimp with Curried Yogurt Dip has just enough slow burning protein to stave off hunger until dinnertime.

Finally, Paula’s Perfect Plate ends this day with the perfect combination of savory and sweet: Lemon Rosemary Turkey Burgers with a Kale and Quinoa Salad. Absolutely DELICIOUS!

Paula's Perfect PlateI hope you’re beginning to see the deliciousness of living The 80/20 Lifestyle. Living The 80/20 Lifestyle is not about sacrifice; it’s about learning to LIVE life in your 80% Healthy and celebrate in your 20% Indulgence.

80% Healthy, 20% Indulgent, and 100% DELICIOUS!!!

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Until Next Time… LIVE INSPIRED!!!



Robin Shea - As a healthy lifestyle mentor, speaker, celebrity cook, and creator of The 80/20 Lifestyle, Robin Shea is committed to providing her clients with reliable sources for nutritional and fitness guidance, among other aspects of healthy living. Robin has been helping people embrace healthier food choices, fall in love with fitness, and correct plain old stinkin’ thinkin’ for over 14 years.


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