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Paula’s Perfect Plate: Perfectly Imperfect


What does the perfect nutritional day look like to you? No matter what it looks like, always be sure to include a little H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. (see the chart at the bottom of the page to see what I’m talking about)! Of course, delicious flavors are one way to create happiness. When I am building one of Paula’s Perfect Plates, my first ingredient is always flavor. When diets are void of flavor and variety, they are also void of joy and happiness. Joy and happiness are so important to the journey of reinventing our relationship with food. If we starve ourselves too long of the primal need to be joyful and happy, we will develop a strong, unquenchable desire to binge in search of our lacking happiness. So, you see, you must factor in JOY and H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.™ into every recipe!

This weeks Paula’s Perfect Plate is a rich, indulgent, flavorful look into culinary joy & happiness. It starts with Paula’s Frittata with Mushrooms and Spinach followed by a morning snack I created, Chocolate Dipped Fruit with Sea Salt and Pistachios. Next is a very indulgent lunch—my delicious Gorgonzola, Caramelized Onions and Pancetta Pizza on a Whole Grain Crust. Our afternoon snack is a bit lighter because we loaded our morning and afternoon with most of our indulgent calories. Nonetheless, my Crisp Chickpeas are perfect to snack on or throw in a salad. I wrap this day up with Paula’s amazing Greek Chicken Kebabs resting on a bed of mixed greens!

Paula's Perfect Plate

This Paula’s Perfect Plate is a bit more indulgent than most but still falls into the framework of a healthy day. I went a bit over on my carbohydrates and salt (not much), and I fell a bit short on my protein—all in all though, the perfectly imperfect day.

Remember, if we micro-manage every aspect of our nutrition and remove all wiggle room, we may also be eliminating the joy & happiness that is so very important to long-term, sustainable weight management!

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Until Next Time… LIVE INSPIRED!!!

Robin xoxo


Robin Shea - As a healthy lifestyle mentor, speaker, celebrity cook, and creator of The 80/20 Lifestyle, Robin Shea is committed to providing her clients with reliable sources for nutritional and fitness guidance, among other aspects of healthy living. Robin has been helping people embrace healthier food choices, fall in love with fitness, and correct plain old stinkin’ thinkin’ for over 14 years.