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Paula’s Vintage Christmas Ornaments


Paula is something of a collector—from antique jadeite to speckled cookware and everything in between. But one of our favorite collections of hers has to be her vintage Christmas ornament collection. Some have been passed down through the ages from family, some gifted by fans. Some were made by younger versions of Jamie and Bobby, and still others were purchased second-hand.

Only the Rockefeller tree could hold Paula’s various ornament collections, so each year, multiple trees are erected around her home with various themes and looks. They all tell a different story, making tree decorating something of an event as Paula recalls the significance behind so many of them.

Like any mom, Paula holds so dear the ornaments made by her boys, though they’re now worn from the years gone by. Of course, she feels much the same about her vintage Christmas balls that remind her of her days as a young girl at Christmas. These American-made ornaments date back to the 50s and 60s and were originally sold at Sears or five-and-dime stores. They were manufactured cheap and affordable so nearly every home had them, but many met their fate when they fell from the tree and shattered into a million little pieces of glass confetti.

If you don’t have a large collection of vintage ornaments, but love the look of an old-timey tree, there are plenty of vintage-inspired options out there, like Christopher Radko’s designs. Add some classic tinsel and some faux snow for a tree that will transport you to the days of yore.