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Paula’s Top 10 Kitchen Must-Haves


Paula’s never been shy about sharing her kitchen secrets—from family recipes and restaurant staples to tips and techniques. Now she’s taking time to share her top ten kitchen must-haves—the tools without which her kitchen would be incomplete.

10. Countertop Soft Butter Dish

No surprise here. Landing a spot in Paula’s top 10 kitchen gadgets is a good-sized countertop soft butter dish with a lid.

9. Pewter Measuring Spoons

At number 9 are Paula’s favorite pewter measuring spoons. You can pick up a set for yourself here.

8. Antique Copper Pots

They don’t make ‘em like they used to! You’ve probably seen the antique copper pots adorning Paula’s kitchens over the years, so it’s no surprise they made her top 10 list. Find your own set at thrift stores, garage sales, or even online.

7. Wooden Spoons

With all the cooking she does, wooden spoons are high on her list of kitchen must-haves. She’s partial to her Paula Deen wooden spoons.

6. Pressure Cooker

Another gadget Paula can’t live without is a pressure cooker. With her busy schedule, she is in favor of anything that can save a little time while still producing delicious results!

5. Multi Cooker

Slow cookers have long been a staple in Paula’s kitchen, but all that has changed with Paula’s new Multi Cooker. This multi cooker can roast, warm, slow cook, and steam—plus, it has made it so easy to cook quick, healthy meals. Get yours here.

4. Induction Cooker

Paula’s Induction Cooker is a must-have on busy days in her kitchen. She doesn’t worry about running out of stovetop burners anymore! Get an induction cooker here.

3. Salt & Pepper Cellar

Paula’s food is always full of flavor, and her kitchen is always stocked with plenty of salt and pepper. At number 3 on this list is a good-sized salt and pepper cellar. You can find this one within arm’s distance at all times in her kitchen.

2. Air Fryer

A new favorite, Paula is crazy about her Paula Deen Air Fryer. She’s been using it to cook up her classic fried favorites in a new, healthier way. Pick up your own air fryer here (and the Paula Deen Air Fryer Cookbook here).

1. Grandmother’s Long, Thin Spatula

Paula’s number one kitchen gadget is one that’s both sentimental and practical. Her grandmother’s long, thin spatula has long had a place in Paula’s kitchen, as it’s not only perfect for flipping hoe cakes, making grilled cheeses for the grandkids, and serving up homemade gooey butter cakes, but it also reminds her of the days she spent learning to cook in her grandmother’s kitchen.

We want to know. What are some of your favorite must-have kitchen gadgets? Tell us in the comments below!