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Part 6: Behind the Scenes of Dancing with the Stars with #TeamButtercup!


Switch-up week is behind us, so Team Buttercup is back together, and I’m thrilled to hit the dance floor with Louis again. We are already havin’ fun with our new routine, and I think y’all are going to have fun watchin’ it, too! Until it’s time for y’all to tune in and vote, I hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse into life behind the scenes!

Part 6 Collage 1

1. I may have been nervous when I found out Mark Ballas was my partner for switch-up week, but we had a lot of fun dancin’, cookin’, and getting to know each other.

2. We worked so hard last week to share a great dance with y’all!

3. Mark & I are just showin’ off a dance step from the Jive!

4. We even managed to squeeze in an early mornin’ rehearsal before my son’s wedding last weekend!

Part 6 Collage 2

1. Mark got a tour of my home, including my chicken coop!

2. Did you know Mark is a big fan of cookin’ shows? I showed him a thing or two in the kitchen, like how to make fried chicken and biscuits, because the boy can’t cook a lick!

3. Mark does the funniest Paula Deen impression. If you ever have a chance to run into him, make sure to ask to see it!

4. It looks like Mark enjoyed himself some good ol’ Southern cookin’!

Part 6 Collage 3

1. My heart goes out to our host, Tom Bergeron. Tom’s father passed away on Monday, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

2. Mark & I were able to pass out treats from my brand new, New York Times best selling cookbook, Paula Deen Cuts the Fat, to the press line after the show on Monday. They ate them right up! It shows you can keep all the flavor in a healthier recipe!

3. Wasn’t Mark just the cutest milkman in our jive? That dance was my favorite of the season!

4. I just loved the glitz and glam of the opening number this week. I have a good lookin’ group of friends, don’t I?

Part 6 Collage 4

Although my switch-up week with Mark was absolutely wonderful, I sure am happy to be back with Louis again! He is just such a good friend and teacher.

Season 21 of Dancing with the Stars continues on Monday at 8PM EST. Make sure to tune in and vote for #TeamButtercup!

Paula Deen - As a young girl growing up in Albany, Georgia, Paula Deen never dreamed she would become an American icon. As a young mother, Paula was living the American dream — married to her high school sweetheart and raising two adorable boys — when tragedy struck. Her parents died, her marriage failed and she began a prolonged battle with agoraphobia. With her boys in their teens and her family near homelessness, Paula took her last $200, reached deep inside her soul and started The Bag Lady, a home-based catering company that marked the start of Deen's professional cooking career. With sons Jamie and Bobby delivering lunch-and-love-in-a-bag, beginning in June 1989, Paula turned her life around by sharing what she knew best, traditional Southern cooking.