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Pardon My French Fry Recipes


Don’t we all love some delicious french fry recipes? You’re darn tootin’ we do! And do we love a good potato even more in French fry form? Heck yes! While we love them with our burgers and sandwiches at restaurants and fast food joints, we really love making our own at home! This way, we can make them just how we like them, control our salt intake, and always know they’re fresh. You haven’t tried making them at home? Well, shut the front door!

When it comes to French fries, we like them just like Paula does—good and crispy! So, as we do with most things, when we want a yummy homemade French fry, we look to Paula’s recipes to find just the fry for us. Whether you like a traditional approach to French fries, you’re looking for something more spiced up, or you want one with a delicious dip, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even added Paula’s recipe for parsnip fries if you’re really feeling like a twist.

So pardon our French, but these are darn good!

Featured Recipes