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More than a Trifle Delicious: 6 Trifle Dessert Recipes


What’s as pretty to look at as it is delicious to eat? This is no riddle—the answer is easy: a trifle! Paula loves to serve her trifles in a glass serving dish to showcase all the wonderful layers, flavors, and colors, and the end result is always stunning!

The traditional trifle, which originated in England, is a sherry-soaked sponge cake layered with custard and whipped cream, but, like many recipes, has evolved throughout the years. Now, a trifle is really any cut up cake that is layered with caramel, chocolate, custard, fresh fruit, jelly, whipped cream, pudding, or any number of yummy ingredients.

The wonderful thing about a trifle is that it’s so easy to make one that is perfect for your family’s specific likes! Is your family nuts about nuts just like the Deens? Add some pecans! Do you not like lemon? Don’t use it! Can’t get enough chocolate? Use as much as you like! Just have fun with it!

How many of you have made a trifle before? Do you have any favorite flavor combinations? Share with us in the comments below! If you haven’t made one yet, which of the trifle recipes we’ve gathered below are you most excited to try? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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