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Mint Condition: 6 Peppermint Christmas Recipes


With the holiday season here, we’ve been busy shopping, decorating, baking, and binge-watching classic holiday films, but all that busy-ness can’t distract us from our hankering for a certain timeless holiday flavor—peppermint!

It all started with Santa passing out delicious candy canes when we were children, and our love for peppermint during the holidays keeps growing stronger year after year. Now we look forward to our mothers cranking out peppermint bark as homemade gifts and even enjoy the flavor of peppermint in our morning brew!

If you’re wanting to get in the holiday spirit, try making some of these yummy, festive peppermint dishes, like Peppermint Pinwheels or Holiday Whoopie Pies. These recipes are always in mint condition.

What will you be making? We can’t wait to hear what you’re eager to try in the comments below!

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