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Merry Makers


There are a whole lot of reasons to smile at the holidays—the twinkling lights, the brightly wrapped packages, the spirit of generosity in the air, and, not to mention, the quality time with friends and family. It’s no surprise that Santa isn’t the only one who’s merry!

Of course, one of the other delicious reasons we’re smiling is that the food is just too good to pass up on. It should come as no shock that all of us on the Paula Deen team are food fans, and with the office parties, celebrations with friends, and the main event with our families, we’re getting our fill of tasty dishes.

While we love most of the recipes we come across at these get-togethers, there are some that spread more joy for us than others—we call these the merry makers. We’re talking simple appetizers, gourmet entrées, and heavenly desserts, as well as satisfying side dishes and comforting cocktails, ciders, and cocoas.

We’re sharing some of our merry makers with you, and we’d love to hear the merry makers at your parties! Share them in the comments below. Happy holidays, y’all!

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