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Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know How to Fold ‘Em


The way a napkin is folded at a place setting helps to set the mood for any meal. A simple half fold laid crisply on a white plate likely signifies a contemporary meal. A napkin loose on a plate probably means a messy yet simple meal is ahead. But a napkin folded on a plate like the one I’m going to show you below means the meal to come is going to be something special!

Step 1: Fold napkin in half diagonally to create a triangle. If monogrammed, keep it at the point.

How to Fold Napkin Example 2


Step 2: Fold the bottom corners of the triangle up to create a square. The fold should cover the monogram.


How to Fold Napkin Example 3


Step 3: Turn the crease to the back so that monogram is at the back. The front should be blank.


How to Fold Napkin Example 4


Step 4: Fold up to create another triangle. The crease should be at the front.


How to Fold Napkin Example 5


Step 5: Fold the right bottom corner across and tuck it into the left bottom corner.


How to Fold Napkin Example 6


Step 6: Finally, stand the napkin up and fold the sides down to hold in position. This will expose the monogram.



Let your napkin set the mood for your meal! What style of napkin best represents your favorite type of meal?