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Kitchen Tips: Cleaning Copper


If you’ve watched Paula’s shows, you know that her copper cookware is rather iconic. Her copper pots and pans adorn her kitchen walls and are used to make delicious sauces. Of course, keeping copper shiny and beautiful takes a little bit of work (emphasis on “little”!).

If you’re frustrated with tarnished copper, take comfort in the fact that we are here to help. Even better? Everything you need is right there in your kitchen! Paula prefers to clean her copper naturally, which is the way to go if you’re using it for cooking, eating, or drinking. Paula’s preferred method is using ketchup! You probably have a big bottle of it in your refrigerator now, so why let it go to waste? With these steps, you’ll have clean copper in no time:

1. Simply squeeze a big glob of ketchup onto your copper pieces (you can also add kosher salt to help with the scrubbing).

2. Rub it with a soft cotton cloth—a synthetic fiber may scratch up your copper.

3. Finally, rinse it with warm water and dry it well to ensure it doesn’t tarnish from leftover water spots.

We told you it only takes a little work! If there are other kitchen hacks you would like to know, leave it in the comments!

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