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How To: Summer Pinwheel Centerpiece


Summer decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Use whimsical pinwheels to liven up any space as a fun, festive and inexpensive centerpiece.

The centerpiece we’ve created here only cost a grand total of $6. Paula had an old galvanized bucket lying around her house, so we cleaned it up and thought that it would be great if we planted some variegated monkey grass in it. Then we “planted” some of these great pinwheels to add some color and, most of all, fun!

You can really use any potted plant you already have at your house, or just grab a glass vase, and let your colorful pinwheels be the flowers!

Other ideas for use:

Bridal shower party favors (create them in the bride’s colors)

Inexpensive party decorations

Fun centerpiece inside colored bottles

Rainy day craft project for children


Making a Paper Pinwheel

Yields: 1


1 piece of colorful paper (light to medium stock/scrapbooking-type paper), cut into a perfect square of any size

1 brad

1 dowel with one hole (big enough for the brad to thread through) drilled 1/2-inch from the end



1. Lay the paper on a flat surface, and fold the bottom left-hand corner to the top right-hand corner, creating a diagonal line. Unfold and repeat for the other side. Unfold and you should have a perfect “X” in your square.

2. Cut along the folds (on all four corners) halfway to the middle of the paper.

3. Punch a hole into the exact middle of the paper and every other corner cut (there will be 5 holes total including the center).

4. Fold each corner with a hole to the middle of the paper and align with the center hole.

5. Push the brad through the aligned holes and then through the hole on the dowel. Separate the ends of the brad to secure.

6. Blow!


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