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At-Home Fall Festival


Growing up as a kid, my sister and I swore we smelled the fair coming. A week before it even started setting up in town, we could detect the scent of funnel cakes and fresh doughnuts wafting through the air. Now that I’m older, I know that it’s likely not true, but those memories are strong enough to make me smell the very same things now.

If you’re crazy about fair food like our office is, you’ll love our menu for an at-home fall festival, and so will your kids. Of course, a fall festival isn’t complete without a shot at winning, so try setting up some easy-to-make games, like ring toss, fish cup, knock down, and balloon pop. Also consider setting up a sand art station or trying your hand at simple face painting! For an added bonus, have some inexpensive prizes handy: play jewelry, small stuffed animals, books, small toys, inflatables, candy, et cetera.

What do you think: will your kids love it more or will you? What are you planning on trying?


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