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Healthy Pork Recipes


It’s time to make room in your recipe box for healthy pork recipes, y’all. Eating healthy can be expensive, but one way to cut costs a bit is to pick a more economical protein source, like pork. Bonus? It’s also a lean source of protein!

You’ll find these recipes feature various cuts of pork, which all taste totally different! That’s one of our favorite things about pork—the cut changes the taste and texture entirely. It’s hard to believe they come from the same place! Plus, the recipes we’re sharing today include little to no added sugars, which is an important factor in making these healthy pork recipes, well, healthy.

All you need to pair with these recipes with pork are your favorite vegetable side dishes for a healthy, well-rounded meal. You can even add some veggies to a sheet pan with your pork for a great one-pot wonder—just be sure to roast everything in stages (your pork will take longer than potatoes, which take longer than most other veggies).

Will you be trying any of these healthy pork recipes? Let us know in the comments below which you’re most excited to try!

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