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How-To: Halloween Broom Craft


Do you need a witch’s broom for your Halloween costume? Or maybe you’re just looking for an easy fall decoration for your home? Create this adorable straw broom in three easy steps! Our team found an already finished broom as inspiration and figured out how you can get the look for less.


Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Twine or sturdy string
  • A stick, cut to desired length and trimmed
  • Dried straw or various dried grasses

1. First you’ll need to find the perfect broom handle. A stick from your yard will do just fine, but you’ll need to cut it to your desired length and trim excess twigs with a saw. You may also be able to find suitable sticks from your local craft store.

2. Collect enough straw and dried grasses of similar lengths to create a good, full broom; a handful or two should do. We found our grasses from Paula’s yard, but again, your local craft store should have some varieties. Don’t be scared to mix it up!

3. Bunch your grasses altogether. You may find it helpful to loosely tie them together with a string towards the middle, just to keep them all in place. Insert one end of the broom handle to the top of your grasses. Wrap the your twine around the grasses and the handle tightly, and then tie off.

Takeaway Tip: Try making different sized brooms. Experiment with a tinier version made from needles. Or, try a variation of grasses to create all different kinds of textures and colors!


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