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Ground Beef Casserole Recipes


Ground beef and casseroles are a match made in heaven, and, boy, does Paula have some great ground beef casserole recipes up her sleeve! From baked pasta recipes and shepherd’s pie recipes with ground beef to her incredibly kid-friendly Cheeseburger Casserole recipe, these ground beef casserole recipes are about to make dinnertime a whole lot easier!

Ground beef casseroles are perfect for making ahead, sticking in the fridge or freezer, and then baking off when it’s time to eat. Ground beef freezes well, even after it’s cooked, making it a verifiable kitchen staple in most homes. Plus, it’s very versatile. It pairs well with just about every vegetable or starch you can think of, from potatoes and cabbage to rice and pasta, making it a natural fit for casseroles.

Now, if you’re tired of reading and ready to get cooking, check out the collection of ground beef casserole recipes below to add a little inspiration to this week’s dinner menu. Bon appétit, y’all!

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