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Gettin’ Ready for Game Day


The biggest football game of year (you know the one!) is the closest event to achieve holiday status without an official spot on the calendar. Billions of dollars and hundreds of hours are dedicated to this Sunday in February with equal parts circus, party, football, and food. With so many different levels of involvement and excitement, it’s important to plan your party with your guests in mind. When Brooke and I host friends for the Big Game, we have three distinct groups to make comfortable and set up viewing areas for each.

Football fanatics: happy to be together but could care less about commercials, hearing about your aunt’s surgery, how the kids are doing in school, etc. They came to watch the game. You can stick this group in the most uncomfortable spot in the house and they don’t care. Football, food, and quiet is all that’s needed. They won’t complain, so you can dedicate the least amount of time tending to these folks.

Foodies: Super Bowl Sunday is a license to eat everything. Calories and food-guilt don’t count (or exist) on this day. Some hosts are willing to plan, cook, and serve for the entire day, but don’t be afraid of a potluck! We ask our foodie guests to bring their famous tailgate foods to help with the heavy lifting. We also always have two crockpots, a simple way to satisfy large groups—one full of chili, the other full of a nacho cheese. Add 10 bags of Fritos and 10 bags of corn chips and a dip with carrots to balance it all out. Set up in or near your kitchen with a TV going somewhere close.

Kids: Jack and Matty’s friends. God bless ‘em. If the weather is good have them go outside to play. Teach them the classic “kick the can” game. The vast majority of kids have never heard of this game and the sheer novelty of playing a game without a power button may shock them in a good way.

Don’t forget to use disposable bowls, plates, cups and flatware. The game ends late, and 11:30 cleanup on a Sunday night is not super for anyone.

If you’re looking for more delicious snacks for game day, find some here. What are your favorite dishes to serve at your Super Bowl parties?

Jamie Deen - Jamie Deen is an entrepreneur, businessman, author, and son of American cooking and lifestyle icon Paula Deen. Jamie has been an integral part of the now legendary business The Bag Lady – the famous sandwich delivery service that launched Paula Deen's success. Working with his mom and younger brother Bobby, Jamie delivered the "lunch-and-love-in-a-bag" that kick-started his mother's professional cooking career in Savannah, Georgia.

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