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Garden Fresh with Claudia Deen: Stay Motivated!


Happy New Year!

It’s crazy to believe that 2019 is finally here… is it just me or does it feel like every year goes by faster? I don’t know if it’s because as adults we get busier or what, but it seems to be a common thing that the older we get, the faster time flies by.

This is not the first time that I’ve written about goal setting and resolutions around here… It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, spend more time with your family, create a habit, or learn a new skill; today’s tips are all about staying motivated throughout your journey!

Don’t compare yourself to others. Remember that you are an individual and that your journey is YOURS and nobody else’s. Comparisons can lead to frustrations and discouragement.

Celebrate the small victories. Did you call a family member that you haven’t talked to in years? Did you lose 1lb.? Did you meditate twice this week? No matter how small your progress is, acknowledge it, and give yourself some credit. It can take a while to make changes, and usually they don’t happen overnight.

Visualize your goal. Take some time to close your eyes and visualize what you’re working towards. Think about how will you feel once you get where you want to be—what does it look like?

If you fall, get up again! Nobody is perfect and setbacks are normal. If it was easy, anyone would do it, right? If you skip a fitness class, eat some cake, or forget a family member’s birthday because you were working, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Recommit to the big picture you are trying to achieve, and get back on track right away!

Remember that the road to achieve any big change is like a marathon, not a sprint. When you are feeling discouraged or when temptation arises, take a second to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and refocus. Taking baby steps is the way to go when trying to achieve sustainable changes!

I wish y’all the best for this new year and hope these tips help you stay committed and motivated!



Claudia Deen - Founder, The Trendy Smoothie Claudia Deen is a Certified Health Coach based in Savannah, GA, and the founder of The Trendy Smoothie. Claudia is a brown belt in karate, thirteen-time half-marathon finisher, seven-time marathon finisher, and two-time Ironman 70.3 finisher. After a career in advertising, her passion for fitness and fresh eating led to a career centered on helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. In 2013, Claudia married Paula’s son, Bobby. You can follow Claudia on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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