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Garden Fresh: Enjoying the Last Few Days of Summer


As summer comes to an end, cool weather starts approaching our way. Getting a break from the heat and humidity sounds like a great idea right now. It’ll probably feel great at the beginning, but in no time, we’ll be dreaming of sunny summer days once again.

Instead of wasting time and energy thinking about how you wish the weather was cooler or how the humidity is making your hair go crazy, let’s practice some gratitude. Let’s give thanks every day for the sun that provides us with vitamin D; for the sun that feeds the seeds so they can thrive and grow into fruits and vegetables that make their way into our plates to nourish our bodies; for that sun that gives our skin that tan color and that makes us feel alive.

This is the time to take advantage of this last stretch of warm days, so when winter rolls around, we can look back with a smile knowing that we soaked up every single ray of sunshine. Here’s what you can do:

1Practice an outdoor activity. Moving is essential for our wellbeing. We were born to move, and being physical is part of our human instinct. You don’t need to go for a strenuous run in the middle of the day or for a 40-mile bike ride. If these practices don’t resonate with you, just enjoy an early morning walk, a swim on the lake, or maybe just play with your kids or dogs in the yard. Any of these activities will add years to your life, and you’ll be getting some Vitamin D.

2. Eat the goodies from your garden. If you started one earlier this summer, go ahead and overdose on those tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers that are the product of the sun, rain, and all the love you put into it. Also, share them with the people around you; this is a practice that builds community and gratitude. If you don’t have a garden, go online and search for a farm near you where you can go and do some vegetable or fruit picking. These are very popular, and it’s a fun activity to do with family members or friends where you’ll be creating new memories while also bringing something good to your table.

3. Meditate in the sun. Every day, take at least 5 minutes to stand, sit, or lay facing the sun. Try to quiet your mind for that amount of time. You’ll see thoughts coming and going, but stay present by focusing on your breath. Soaking the sun while staying present will boost your mood and energize your body, so this is the perfect pick-me-up to continue your day on a positive note!


Claudia Deen - Founder, The Trendy Smoothie Claudia Deen is a Certified Health Coach based in Savannah, GA, and the founder of The Trendy Smoothie. Claudia is a brown belt in karate, thirteen-time half-marathon finisher, seven-time marathon finisher, and two-time Ironman 70.3 finisher. After a career in advertising, her passion for fitness and fresh eating led to a career centered on helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. In 2013, Claudia married Paula’s son, Bobby. You can follow Claudia on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.